Using illegal drugs responsibly is not anyone's buisness

2021.09.28 08:36 iWILLcypher Using illegal drugs responsibly is not anyone's buisness

I I completley understand that many places have a plethora of laws and punishments pertaining to the use of certain drugs deemed illicit/illegal. I also from personal experience know for a fact that to a responsible adult who does not steal, does not harm other, does not have children, and takes care of themselves and provides for themselves, can still have a horrible life solely as a direct result of the stigma surround specific drugs.
People end up homeless and disowned despite the fact that they work a proper job that provides for them and they do not leech of society and others the are close with. I have dealt with a ridiculous amount of hate and ignorance based discrimination because I responsibly used LSD, marijuana, and a variety of amphetamines. Being respectful and smart about it should be more tolerated.
Obviously there are many who can not use substances responsibly, however some substances are ok like alcohol which is objectively more dangerous than many illegal drugs. If you spend occasional free time getting high responsibly (like saying inside and not using if you are going out in public or working) then it is not anyone's buisness
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2021.09.28 08:36 Brief-Performer-7283 AJIO bbs😂

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2021.09.28 08:36 gusagusaa Can't buy anything ...why is it so

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2021.09.28 08:36 sw1tch_ 🤔🤔🤔

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2021.09.28 08:36 The-Techie Deal: Hollywood Agency CAA To Buy Rival ICM

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2021.09.28 08:36 RefrigeratorTotal680 Twitch

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2021.09.28 08:36 Historical_Status969 Phosphenes ? Anyone else sees them ?

Ever since I was 3 years old , I’ve been seeing phosphenes like when I am in a dark room . When I’m about to wake up . When I close and open my eyes very rapidly . They scare me so much I obviously went on and got many different extensive eye check ups (I am myopic , astigmatic , and I got strabismus ) sometimes they disappear for weeks or months , then they come back. Sometimes they appear at random times but it’s mostly as the light changes going from one dark room to a lit up one . Or when the light is too bright . They seem to appear less whenever I’m wearing my glasses . Any of you get phosphenes as well ?
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2021.09.28 08:36 Inuka___ අන්න එතනයි අපට වැරදුනේ

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2021.09.28 08:36 Comfortable-Table-57 How can I open a zipped bag that has a detached zipper?

So I was zipping up my bag ready for school, but as soon as I get to the full zipping, my zipper detached. How can I open it again?
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2021.09.28 08:36 ThatDudeYallKnow BEST GROUP ✅🔥 $6 entry fee. (19,400vids)(100+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed .🔥✅ DONT HMU IF YOU NOT READY TO PAY $6

BEST GROUP ✅🔥 $6 entry fee. (19,400vids)(100+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed .🔥✅ DONT HMU IF YOU NOT READY TO PAY $6 submitted by ThatDudeYallKnow to MeganDenisee [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 08:36 Kaybeenms Has anyone found any diplos as of late? Everytime I try someone’s coordinates in old posts they’re no longer accurate. Pls share coordinates if you have <3

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2021.09.28 08:36 BaWro Where Cryptocurrency is Stored?

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2021.09.28 08:36 h35o546 Virtual Machine and EAC

I use to play on VMware for BDO, however with last weeks EAC update, it does not allow me to do so anymore. Anyone know a fix? Thank you!
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2021.09.28 08:36 SzegedNewsBotka Embercsempészés Röszkén

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2021.09.28 08:36 LoveAnimeFan Tamaki Kotatsu

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2021.09.28 08:36 Ok-Piano5289 ⚛️ GravitX | Next X1000 Gem💥 | Only Goes Up 📈 | Just Launched On Pcs 🚀 | 💥 LQ Locked for One Year ✔️

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And more to come ....
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2021.09.28 08:36 First-Wash Griffin question

is never ending sky higher level then golden sky?
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2021.09.28 08:36 Edible_Pineapple FiRe VaNcE jOsEpH

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2021.09.28 08:36 arsenicCatnip Vaughn Palmer: Mixed message on COVID-19 patients a blow to credibility of John Horgan's government

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2021.09.28 08:36 Individualbeans ich_iel

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2021.09.28 08:36 SinsLyfe Inspiration share for the antiwork/anticapitalist revolutionaries

Went to college, got a $36,000 degree that I don’t use. I decided that I’m dying with that debt fuck paying that back. Got my first job as a web designer right out of college and worked a soul sucking desk job for two years. I eventually quit that and made a decision to go to a little island called Vieques right off the coast of Puerto Rico. I went and did a work exchange at a beach hostel ( so it was very cheap living, I had zero expenses besides motor bike rentals/scuba rentals/treating myself to dinner and drinks and other fun stuff like that. Working front desk for the hostel and being around hostel life in general did wonders for my social skills (I used to be very awkward, now just moderately awkward) and got me into a love for hospitality. Came back after 3 months and got a front desk job at a hotel, it was shit money so I eventually transferred to the hotel bar which had a great cocktail program and the bartenders did very well. I then decided I wanted to travel again so I quit that job after another few months and left to backpack around Europe and Asia. I again did the work exchange thing and spent 6 months experiencing the fuck out of the world. Returned home, another bartending job in the city for a year, quit, went and fucked off to Europe and Africa for another year, work exchange again. I am by no means wealthy, just well planned and budgeted trips. I despise the societal pressure to worry about retirement when I don’t know if I’ll even be alive tomorrow. Basically my life has been spent taking “mini retirements” and bouncing around job to job trying to see what I like and enjoying the ever loving shit out of my life. I realize it’s a bit different to travel right now but you don’t have to go far to find cool shit. I love this subreddit and all of you so much and I truly believe if we continue to make noise we can inspire generations of anti-capitalists and teach people about the most important things in life, and to value your lives. TLDR, do the shit you want to do right now
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2021.09.28 08:36 TieDyeByDnA Probably my favortie Rainbow Rising Phoenix so far!

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2021.09.28 08:36 ValuableQuantit-y Calming sound of beautiful desert oasis

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2021.09.28 08:36 titscup anyone else noticing an influx of cheaters?

i've been solo queueing all day and i've played with one, and played against 3 others, leading to a derank. love this fucking game lol :(
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2021.09.28 08:36 niuz-bot DigiSport: Ce s-a întâmplat la vestiare după ce Mbappe l-a numit "vagabond" pe Neymar și primele imagini surprinse cu cei doi - [Revista Presei][Faze Tari]

Kylian Mbappe a avut o reacție nervoasă la adresa lui Neymar, în timpul meciului PSG - Montpellier 2-0, după ce brazilianul a refuzat să îi paseze într-o poziție ideală.Presa franceză a scris că fotbalistul de 22 de ani l-ar fi numit "vagabond" pe colegul său din ofensivă. Antrenorul Mauricio Pochettino au vorbit pe marginea acestui subiect, la conferința de presă dinaintea meciului cu Manchester City.
Citeste in continuare:
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