100w charger on G14 is ok?

2021.09.28 10:40 Alarmed_Hospital_504 100w charger on G14 is ok?

Hey, I’m kinda new on technology things and I’d like to charge my laptop with usb c cause it’s way more lighter than the original charging mode. I already have a 100w charger for usb c and a 60w cost in my country at least 30 bucks and as a student, God know that I’m poor. So I was guessing if it is ok to charge the G14 with more than 60w on usb c. (Everyone talks about 60w so it’s I guess it’s the recommended voltage?) Like is this gonna destroy the battery life of the laptop or something like that?
Thanks guys!
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2021.09.28 10:40 CherNewbie4339 Despite being very critically acclaimed and iconic, Cher has always struggled selling a lot of albums. Why isn’t Cher more popular?

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2021.09.28 10:40 JustNanoux Playing valorant with friends (I get carried)

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2021.09.28 10:40 PunkSharksPizza Which Don't Panic acoustic track is your favourite?

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2021.09.28 10:40 iAmproject863 Lol

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2021.09.28 10:40 Less-Examination1695 Estrogen voice singing

hi, i know estrogen doesn't make your voice exactly feminine, but i'm wondering if it makes minor changes like thinning your voice by 2-3 tones. Does anyone sing and have such experience?
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2021.09.28 10:40 bighappyboi The peaks from the voronoi look too sharp how do i smoothen them in the node editor?

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2021.09.28 10:40 Superteletubbies64 [H] PayPal [W] Wishlisted games

I'm looking for the games in the title in particular but not for a higher price than the lowest price it went on sale for.
The games right below the "Coming soon" games are games I might buy myself later but below those are games I often see in game lists people here have. (not always cuz I sometimes get lazy with updating my wishlist) I will occasionally add new games to my wishlist btw.
EU highly preferred so I can avoid fees, however I'm willing to buy from people from other regions too and cover fees as long as the prices are low enough.
Keep in mind that I may not always be able to reply to your post immediately, if you comment on my post please wait for my reply before selling any games in your post to someone else. Also plz do not PM me or send me a chat invite before commenting on my post.
My wishlist, (kinda) sorted in order of priority: https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561198439056728/#sort=order
IGSRep: https://old.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/p7k848/superteletubbies64s_igs_rep_page/
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2021.09.28 10:40 SunriseFan99 noise.cash and read.cash?

Hello, I've just recently discovered these two sites that pay you in BCH for participating. I am rather uninformed regarding their existence and wondering if they are related to each other.
Thanks for the help!
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2021.09.28 10:40 JaredLiwet 90% of magic is dropping stuff on the floor.

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2021.09.28 10:40 paffyoggy Is this good?

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2021.09.28 10:40 Apatheia9 I made it in a day( not sourdough starter, haha), I think I m addicted to fermenting 😭

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2021.09.28 10:40 ThomasArdal Ahead-Of-Time Compilation for Blazor Wasm

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2021.09.28 10:40 Effective-Reveal-975 The ATLANTIKWALL, a defensive barrier that once defended the border of the Second Reich, is one of many ruins that remain of the near-entirely wiped-out city of Raversyde. The wall stretches for over 2

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2021.09.28 10:40 Qvisli What was your first love? And why did you lose her?💔

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2021.09.28 10:40 abt137 Merkava IV in an awkward position.

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2021.09.28 10:40 Triials I just want to see the 5 star zombie one… Not liking my luck for when I summon.

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2021.09.28 10:40 NagaApi8888 How to Disengage? (Part advice seeking, part venting)

Non-custodial stepparent. Married 5 years, no bio kids due to age/health, SD is now 11. LOVE HER TO DEATH. And she has a VERY good relationship with me. She doesn't call me anything with the word 'mother' in it, but we use a respectful term from my culture to refer to adults together with my name, which everyone except bio mom is happy with. Miss her TERRIBLY when it's too long in between visits - we have her every other weekend, but sometimes weekends need to be swapped so when we don't see her for 2 weekends back-to-back, it's 3 weeks WITH ZERO CONTACT as there is no video calls in between. Bio mom (BM) has always disobeyed the court order saying there should be weekly Skype calls and 8 days a month with her father, but we can't go the legal route as we're all living in a different country from their original country where the court order was issued. (I myself am from yet another country, but that is neither here nor there).
Please note that I am NOT trying to be her second mother. I miss her when we don't see her for too long. But I am also aware that I am glad of the quiet time when she's not here and would struggle if she was here 100% of the time. Don't get me wrong - I would welcome her with open arms and open heart if she were to live with us. I'm just saying that I am aware that it's really challenging being a parent and that I'm aware that there are positives to our current situation.

Anyway... BM has a PATTERN of excluding my husband from his own Daughter's life. Examples:

  1. Lied to him about the change of date of a school concert when Daughter was 7 so he missed it (he hadn't made it to this country yet so he was begging work to give him projects in this country so he could then see his daughter on weekends).
  2. Blocked him from being able to receive school e-mails for a couple of years. (I can't go into how she did it without giving away too much)
  3. Lied to him about Daughter's 'non'-participation in the school swim gala when she was 9 only for him to find she actually took leave to attend herself. Permission to enter the gala was on a physical form which she had to return to school 2 days prior to the gala, so there was no way for him to know if Daughter was taking part from another source. Yes, the lie was in writing (Whatsapp) and yes we did go to the school administration but they were not helpful. Anyway Daughter is in another school now.
  4. Blocked him from receiving e-mails and other communications (like Whatsapps from the teacher) from the diving school. He did try to get on the communications list, but because it was BM who had signed Daughter up for lessons, they would only communicate with her. Even though he would be collecting her from diving lessons every other week, this was ok'd by the BM and BM did NOT ok him getting communications hence the info blackout. And this resulted in him missing the first diving competition SD took part in. SD said her mother promised to tell him about it when she asked why we weren't there. Prior to this we would say things like 'Mummy must have made a mistake' or 'Mummy must have forgotten, she's so busy working' but this time we just flat-out told her - nope, mummy didn't tell us.
  5. Telling my husband it's 'inappropriate' for him to be in SD's class parents' Whatsapp group, and that he should NOT be included, and she'll let him know if there's anything he needs to know. His reply was that if it's appropriate for her to be in it, it's appropriate for him as he's the father. HOWEVER she's got some clout, so I'm afraid she might succeed in blocking that but this is a situation-in-progress.
  6. Court order says they should swap Easters and Christmases and these holidays should be divided in half, she gives him the number of days she feels like, which have resulted in him missing the entire 2 weeks of Easter because they've gone away travelling. Or him only having 9 out of 23 days of the Christmas holiday.
Seeking advice - I get VERY upset when there's blatant unfairness like this towards my husband. And this frustration comes up at least 3-6 times a year - basically whenever she sends over the list of dates he's 'allowed' to have SD. As I said, we can't go the legal route as the laws in the country that we're in will disadvantage him even more. I do need to do something as this is taking a toll on my PHYSICAL health. Developed several medical conditions over the last 18 months that doctors in 5 different specialities have said is related to stress levels. This is the only stress in my life - anything else we can handle well together.
So has anyone got any tips on how to 'brainwash'/'condition' myself into not being this upset? Any meditation or CBT exercises for example that have worked for them? I've been counting down the years until she's 18 just because of BM!
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2021.09.28 10:40 stevvvem Join Zeply Today and Enjoy Zero Fees & Instant Transactions

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2021.09.28 10:40 KiraGreenHearted *free* kira + cam'ron + dipset + kanye west type beat "speed haze" (Prod. by Elton)

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2021.09.28 10:40 RandomzJake Reading of SCP-6101 | The Most Powerful SCP

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2021.09.28 10:40 PatientDoor4996 Do you butter your bread in sandwiches?

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2021.09.28 10:40 bobby_brains Looking for a small band/singing pianist or similar to play for a birthday party

Got a 30th birthday coming up on the 30th of October. Looking to find someone for nice birthday music. Could be a singing pianist, a small band or something like a quintet.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know :-)
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2021.09.28 10:40 dove_tail-3bOUn1dl Alinity I love looking at her every time she showers she looks so sexy <3

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2021.09.28 10:40 Killswitch_Ninja Mesprit adding 10

If anyone can help me get into a Uxie raid please let me know when you have added for this raid. It's the last one I need. Thanks :)
Fc 0967 6724 9367
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