Raising the bottom of this candy corn container to make it look like there’s more in it.

2021.10.16 02:20 ThatStarWarsNerd Raising the bottom of this candy corn container to make it look like there’s more in it.

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2021.10.16 02:20 heinaga1989 $SPON - 📲 | Featured on CryptosRUs youtube channel 🔱 Founder Appeared on the David Pakman Talk Show | Pre-Sale Now ! ⚡Download iOS & Android app Now| Bringing influencers and businesses together 🌐 Join our Telegram !

Utility token with already company released app connecting businesses & influencers for marketing. One branch will be dedicated towards crypto marketing, Which means $SPON token will have direct involvement with a lot of token marketing in the future.
Latest CryptosRUs Feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd4Ge\_01eUo&t=1149s&ab\_channel=CryptosRUs
Last presale stage is currently live ! At the moment we are having the last pre-sale ongoing to provide individuals with an opportunity to own $SPON tokens before we list directly on Pancake Swap.The token price will be going for BUSD$0.18 per $SPON Token. 💰
Based on the Sponsee platform & Ecosystem, $SPON is the bridge that connects influencers with businesses in a fast, efficient and safe manner. Through the use of smart contracts, processes like peer reviews, dispute resolution, digital contracture are integrated into one seamless workflow.
👉$SPONsored 👈 content will never be the same again.
Sponsee & $SPON information: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🧿What is the Sponsee app 📲 ?
Sponsee is the world’s first fee-free marketplace for influencers and businesses. We are a free to use platform for influencers and businesses to connect, without fees or interference from third parties (agencies).
🎉 The app is already released on IOS & Android , Please check it out 🎉
💰 Whats the current presale status?
Already Over 500 000$ out of 3 510 000$ in current public presale. This means you can still join the public presale reading this.
⛔️When is the pre-sale ending?
• We are going to list our token on the DEX late October. Last presale stage is now.
🙋‍♂️Doxxed Devs?
• 100% and legally registered company in Singapore with company Unique Entity Number given on website.
• All 30+ company members linkedin accounts are on the website as well.
🧿What is the point of entering the presale?
• Price of token - Huge marketing initiative for token launch and collaborations with influencers in both crypto and mainstream media. This means that Sponsee is planning for an explosive launch program. Getting in during presale ensures that token price is fixed, stable, and low.
• Option to vest their tokens for rewards on Sponsee’s website (upcoming feature open to presale holders only)
• Early Adopter privileges - Priority will be given to early adopters to pitch their own platform ideas and to collaborate with Sponsee to launch their own peer-to-peer platforms using the SPON token. This means that you can monetize your ideas beyond simply trading the token.
• Once the token is out on DEX, we will stop keeping track of who holds how many tokens in this manner, and that governance will be an automated boolean process.
💸What is the JURY protocol? ( Staking )
JURY™️ Protocol ⚖️
▫️Token holders can commit tokens to the JURY Protocol. This is our Dispute Resolution protocol.
▫️We will give a hypothetical dispute every few days for token holders to vote on.
▫️These will help label data and train the machine learning model to solve disputes without human input in the future.
▫️Token holders will get a percentage of their locked token pool as a reward, via airdrop, if they provide the answers that the majority ends upvoting.
Summary: Token holders will have to do work on the blockchain by voting on hypothetical disputes. They will get rewarded subsequently. This is our staking model.
Please read more about us here 👉
Website 🌐 -https://www.sponsee.io/
Telegram💬 https://t.me/sponsee
Twitter https://twitter.com/SPONtoken
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/sponsee/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sponsee_app/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SponseeApp/
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2021.10.16 02:20 groovehouse Nobody beats the...

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2021.10.16 02:20 k0rgr0 [Question] Anyone with recent experience servicing vintage Grand Seiko?

Haven’t seen any recent posts on this.
I’ve got a vintage GS 6140-8000 and it’s pretty beat up (case, crystal), and have no idea when the last servicing was (still functional though).
I took it to the GS store in Sydney and they said they can’t give me a quote on the spot, would have to send it back to Japan, but if I don’t like the quote Japan give me then I’ll be on the hook for return freight.
So any one has done a service like this recently? And how much it would cost? I guess this would be a bit beyond a movement service and involve a bit of polishing restoration.
Alternatively, I’ve seen some mention 3rd party restorations. Lapinist has come up a few times. There’s also Vintage Time Australia but no mentions.
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2021.10.16 02:20 FarCanary3009 🔸GrowBNB🔸 - Earn 10% BNB Automatically by Just Holding, Big Marketing Plans, Fair Launching Today 🚀

GrowBNB❗️Launching Today❗️ Soonn To 100X!?
GrowBNB is a BNB reward token that rewards holders in BNB automatically.
This means by Holding GrowBNB you will earn BNB automatically!
Why GrowBNB?
✅ Passive Income
✅ Good marketing team
✅ Earn BNB automatically
✅ Community driven
✅ Active devs
🚀 Low Market Cap
🔒 LP Locked
⭐️Token Name: GrowBNB
⭐️Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
⭐️ TAX: 10%
⭐️Redistributed: 8% of transaction fee will go to Holders in BNB
⭐️Liquidity: 1%
⭐️Marketing: 2% goes to a Marketing
📍Huge Marketing Budget and Plans a few days after launch:

📝Contract address: 0x0cd4ce6a816d17260906c4863ddc8befdc0b69c2
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x0cd4ce6a816d17260906c4863ddc8befdc0b69c2
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x2aced41a8fd42ccc2de66a6426cc07ec0bb84e69
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x0cd4ce6a816d17260906c4863ddc8befdc0b69c2#readContract
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2021.10.16 02:20 TelescopeFeed NASA, Boeing to Provide Update on Boeing’s Orbital Flight Test-2

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2021.10.16 02:20 Bbqsaucelmao Trading mfr frost fury

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2021.10.16 02:20 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Titanium White Fennec: Edge Burst] [Sky Blue Super Manga-Bolt III] [Sky Blue Emerald]

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2021.10.16 02:20 Karmac Hoje aprendi que piratas argelinos raptaram pessoas de Sta Maria para o mercado de escravatura de Argel.

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2021.10.16 02:20 Longjumping-Dog-2667 Rideshare Mechanic?

Has anyone used this service for an inspection? they charge $40 in Seattle and want me to pay for the approval form before they send it. But will Uber take it?
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2021.10.16 02:20 levtahor USA inflation and crypto market cap

How the increase of the American inflation contributes to the increase of the BTC's and altcoins price? If the fifth largest currency in the market (USDT) is fiat currency based, at the same time that USDT is one of the main crypto-currencies used to transform fiat currency into crypto and vice versa (at least in my country), what are the arguments that contradict the possibility of the whole cryptomarket value being inflated (or estimated/valued) by the extra dollars that were put in the American economy since the beginning of the pandemics? What would be the means for evaluating how much independent of the American economy is the cryptocoins market? And above all, personally I believe that one day 1 Bitcoin could be equivalent to 1 million dollars, but what will be the real value of the dollar when this happens? Maybe I'm ignoring many things in this thought, so I tought that would be interesting to create this thread to know what you think about this.
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2021.10.16 02:20 WisdenRS [US] Selling Fontaine Futures, Pinks, Fever Dreams, OPC, Anyone, etc

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2021.10.16 02:20 JackieDRabbit I have some questions regarding some upgrades and stuff needed to complete my PC.

My current specs are:
MSI Mag Vampiric 011 ASUS Strix B550 F Gaming (Wi-Fi) Ryzen 5600x Noctua NH U12S Chromax Zotac 3070 Ti AMP Holo G. Skill Flare X 3200Mhz CL14 (32GB) 980 Pro 1TB 970 Evo Plus 2TB RM 750W Corsair ML140MM x4
My upgrades are the CPU (5950x) and GPU (ASUS 3090 Strix Gaming OC).
First of all, I need a new case with much better airflow. I really like the Corsair 5000D but it bugs me my mobo hasn’t got enough usb connections for the front panel.
Is my cooler enough? I would like to stay away from AIO unless necessary.
I have read 750w is enough for the Strix 3090 will I be ok with my Corsair?
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2021.10.16 02:20 Slow-Examination-364 Devagiri Fort in Maharashtra, India . Built by the Seuna dynasty wherein they cut an entire mountain.

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2021.10.16 02:20 JudgyCatt This supports a popular theory I have seen on this sub (Spoilrrs ch 1028)

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2021.10.16 02:20 t23sharmon 26 m bored and lonely looking for someone to talk to short or long term

26 m bored and looking for someone to get to know
Had good luck last time so thought why not and try again 🤞 super chill , and can yarn about anything, I always reply ! Not after small talk and short replies, looking for someone who’s enthusiastic and puts as much effort into a conversation that I do (: happy to talk about anything even if I don’t know much about it love learning / figuring out new things that interest me Cheers ttyl ✌️
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2021.10.16 02:20 pamelooart Birdwatching

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2021.10.16 02:20 funkybuns27 Man chugs….. uhhh… 3 liters of olive oil

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2021.10.16 02:20 Ok-Requirement7975 ADAMoon Launching Now | Auto Rewards In ADA| Cross chain BSC & Cardano Alonzo| Sundae Swap & Yield Farming | Gaming & Metaverse 🌑

This is your gateway to financial freedom. By holding ADAMoon you’ll get automatic airdrops every hour (contract tested and validated) of Cardano straight to your wallet.
⁉️Why should you even invest?⁉️
In summary the utility:
Dev's involved in previous multimillion dollar projects
Creating a farm to benefit holders for new layer 2 projects
Diversifying into the Cardano Smart Chain for Sundaeswap rewards
Developing games that are fun to play and reward users in multi tokens & platforms
Original token will always reward users in CARDANO
· 10% Tax (7% Rewards, 1% Marketing, 2% Liquidity)
· Liquidity locked.
· Development Utility Holdings (WILL NOT be sold)
· Yield Farming
· Cardano Alonzo Cross Chain with Sundae Swap
· Gaming Platform
🔹 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xdf1f21115b06f650c054ded5467bfc50eaec76e3
🔹 Contract: 0xdf1f21115b06f650c054ded5467bfc50eaec76e3
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xdf1f21115b06f650c054ded5467bfc50eaec76e3#readContract
🔹 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xcf9192a6309ae676c72e153284d8a8f87975087b
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2021.10.16 02:20 HelloLoserLikeMe [Homemade] Bacon/broccoli pasta

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2021.10.16 02:20 Jesstheheathen So i made a Lemon tank from sculpting wax because i cant afford the real thing lol

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2021.10.16 02:20 wonhoppa WONHO - Come Over Tonight @ KBS Music Bank (211015)

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2021.10.16 02:20 beat_scribe Trying to find Slackliners above U of U on Sept. 26

I saw some people slacklining the gap right behind the U hospital and want to share a photo I took of one of them. If anyone knows who it might have been, let me know
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2021.10.16 02:20 japanidol PEDRO - 丁寧な暮らし [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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2021.10.16 02:20 Comprehensive_Spell No idea what I'm doing

I just started, anything I should know? I just finished the battle tutorial and opening cutscene, but I want to make sure I don't do anything extremely stupid before I do it.
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