Music modding - add tracks to multiple sectors at once

2021.10.16 00:56 SkippyMcYay Music modding - add tracks to multiple sectors at once

The only music modding guides I know of have you add tracks to each sector's playlist individually. I found a method that lets you add music to multiple sectors at once, which is especially useful if you're playing Multiverse which has precisely one hojillion sectors. It adds a new track in every place that a preexisting track plays, without replacing it. Here's the steps:

  1. Read up on Mike's Music Mod to have a basic understanding of music modding and use his mod as a basis for what we'll be adding. (Thanks u/MikeHopley for writing a great guide)
  2. Do everything in his guide except the last step where you modify the sector_data.xml.append file. We'll be writing this file differently.
  3. Replace the contents of sector_data.xml.append with the following:

     cosmos apollo     debris   colonial   entrycrater    
So here we have two different ways to add songs to the game. The first, simpler method is this block of xml code:
  cosmos apollo  
What this does is for every sector the game can play "cosmos", it can also play "apollo" (from Deep Space Deluxe EP). This includes any new sectors in Multiverse that would play Cosmos. Copy paste this for each song you want to add and replace "cosmos" and "apollo", just make sure they're named according to what you have in the sounds.xml.append file (per Mike's guide). I recommend either choosing an existing track that has a similar feel to your new track, or using this sector music playlist and picking an existing song that appears in the sectors you want your new song to play (note that the link doesn't list the AE songs).
For the second example, I have another song "entrycrater" ("Entry into the Crater" from Phantasy Star Online, imo suits FTL very well) but I want it to play wherever "debris" OR "colonial" plays. You might think to copy paste the first example twice and have debris in one and colonial in the other, but if there's a sector that plays both then it will duplicate the new song in the playlist. I haven't tested that so I don't know if it breaks when patching the game, if it makes the song play twice as often, or does nothing, but to be safe I use the second method:
    debris   colonial   entrycrater  
This will add entrycrater to any sector that plays debris or colonial, and it does not add a duplicate to the playlist of any sector that plays both debris and colonial.
You can do this for more than two existing songs at a time, by copy pasting the three lines that start with "" and replacing the song name. Also, you can add two or more new songs at once by copy pasting the line containing the new track as follows:
entrycrater anothersong 
This would mean that wherever "debris" or "colonial" plays, the game can also play "entrycrater" and "anothersong".
After you finish modifying the sector_data.xml.append file, refer back to Mike's guide under Installation Instructions to create the zip file. After that you should be good to go for installing the mod. I believe it should go after Hyperspace and Multiverse in the mod ordering. If you have any questions or want to know how to replace songs (i.e. remove the original song while adding the new one) with this method, please ask.
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2021.10.16 00:56 Venom80 Wow what a scumbag

I noticed there are 2 types of players in this game who do PvP, Respectful players that bow before each duel like myself and let the better person win and people that dont give 2 shits about anything and will hit you the first chance they get.
I was having a nice PvP match with someone as The Old Monk in 3-3 , he attacked me head on while i was just sitting down and was relentless , it actually was a good PvP fight until the end, but anyways looks like he had a strength build and kept going after me with his sword no magic, my build is a little bit of both so i used firestorm on him took him down, as soon as he ran away to try to heal i got a backstab on him hit him again and as he was dying the mother fucker rage quit disconnected from the server and i didn't get the kill , instead i got a network error sending me back in soul form instead of human.
This is why i usually don't PvP on souls games , either they cheat or if u actually win they disconnect so u don't get the kill , that was robbery at its best.

I think there should be punishment for people like this and soul levels should be taken away its a shame Demons souls never implemented this since this seems to be the biggest issue with PvP.
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2021.10.16 00:56 aye_Coffee Next scheduled shift?

Do they mean the days you’re scheduled to work or the next shift the AtoZ app says you go in (ie the grey colored box with white stripes)?
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Complete this form and we'll contact you accordingly.
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2021.10.16 00:56 NazzDaxx $IHC.v / $IMPHF with a super strong close to the week ending up 5% following their most recent news that they have completed and agreement to construct prototype plant.

The plant will allow them to produce 99.999% helium. They with begin fabricating the plant as soon as possible with completion estimated for Dec 31, 2021.
This is huge for $IHC.v / $IMPHF because it will allow them to accelerate the path to monetization while reducing the risks of plant design by prototyping before committing to installation.
$IHC.v / $IMPHF $0.2 a share with CAD17M market cap
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2021.10.16 00:56 ilyiino What should I do with my money?

I know it's stupid but I'm saving up money for Christmas and my birthday (wich is rly close) and I always wanted a IPhone but at the same time I also am a gamer, and my pc is rly old so I was thinking of buying a Xbox Series S, I am thinking that I can probably get around 300+/- euros, I know I can't buy a IPhone with that much money but probably a refurbished one? What should I do?
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