Specialty specific research for surgical subspecialties

Begin your specialty exploration by reading the profiles of more than 135 specialties and subspecialties in the United States and the nearly 40 specialties in Canada. For each, you'll find descriptions of the work the physicians do, salary, training requirements, match, salary and workforce information, and links to relevant organizations and ... On the whole, when adding in specialties, subspecialties and combined specialties, women account for 45.6% of active GME trainees in the U.S. That number is a slight uptick from data collected in the prior year’s census. Specialty choice trends among women remained relative consistent with prior-year data.

2021.10.16 02:05 BroMD24 Specialty specific research for surgical subspecialties

For Ortho, Plastics, Uro, CT etc do programs disregard your research if it’s not specialty specific? For example let’s say you wanna do Plastics, and there’s no Plastics attendings at the crib, but you end up doing a decent amount of Ortho research. How would programs usually view that?
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2021.10.16 02:05 Gandtea What can a person do to cheer themselves up?

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2021.10.16 02:05 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Tyranno GXT] [Tyranno: Reviver] [Trinity] [Asik]

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2021.10.16 02:05 lady_pythia_ [LF] stacks of regular wood [FT] bells, NMTs, or wishlist items

I’m trying to build A LOT of book shelves so I need as much wood as I can get, also if you already have some made that would be great too.
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2021.10.16 02:05 whuckfistle Clothing Catalogue Event! ♥️

Happy Friday!! In celebration of all the new upcoming features, I’d like to hold part 2 of my clothing catalogue event. I only had room for shirts, pants and dresses this time but I’ll be switching it over to Halloween costumes, hats, hair accessories, and shoes next weekend!
If you haven’t catalogued before, here’s how: all the items are inside their own little fences. Inside each “box,” pick up all the items. Don’t leave with them! Pick them up, stand on the X, then drop each item. As long as you’re standing on the X, it should drop them all neatly within the box for the next person to catalogue. All the items you just picked up and put down will be in your Nook catalogue so you can order them through the mail when you get back to your island!
Items available, all colors unless specified:
Aran knit cardigan, Aran knit sweater, Boa blouson, Cardigan shirt combo, Checkered muffler, Emroidered tank, Flannel shirt, Flower sweater (every color but white), Front tie button down shirt, Gingham picnic shirt, Humble sweater, Kurta, Lacy tank, Oversized shawl over shirt, Pineapple Aloha shirt, Plover cardigan, Puffy sleeve blouse, Ribbon straps tank, Snowy sweater, Striped tank, Thread worn sweater, Tight knit sweater, Tube top, Young royal shirt
Chino pants, Cropped pants, Culottes, Demin pants, Draped skirt, Flare skirt, Floral skirt, Lace shorts, Lemon skirt, Petal skirt, Pineapple aloha shorts, Surfing shorts, Worn out cutoffs, Worn out jeans
Alpinist dress, Ballet outfit (with one pair of ballet shoes - pink), Bolero coat, Bubble skirt party dress, Bunny dress, Clover dress, Desert princess outfit, Dollhouse dress, Fairy dress, Fancy party dress, Frilly dress, Frugal dress, Full length dress with pearls, Kandoora, Linen dress, Long demin cardigan, Loose fall dress, Magic academy robe, Mysterious dress, Noble dress, Pintuck pleated dress, Plaid print dress, Plover dress, Renaissance dress, Satin dress, Shorts outfit, Simple checkered dress, Slip dress, Striped halter dress, Sweet dress, Sweetheart dress, Victorian dress
To visit, please make sure you have at least 9 open spaces in your inventory to pick up the items. I recommend wearing a wand outfit as it makes it much easier to just drop the clothes instead of accidentally wearing them. When you are done cataloguing you must depart through the airport - no leaving quietly! Leave a comment here with your FAVORITE VILLAGER to get your place in line. Each round of cataloguing takes about 30 minutes, so please be patient if you’re not in the first group.
Thanks for reading, thanks for following the rules, and an extra big thanks for being such an amazing community ♥️
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2021.10.16 02:05 Sandwich_Brief Brand of inferno/Captain Sergeant shield blocking.

Does anyone know the bind for shield guarding on xbox? It says l2 but that isn’t working. Can I change it?
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2021.10.16 02:05 dagothdoom Food Priority

DO villagers prioritize which foods they eat at all? Do they prefer "refined" foods, or do they just grab equal amounts of whatever?
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2021.10.16 02:05 African_Priest I hate evil radiohead fans :rage:

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2021.10.16 02:05 JanusOrder Considering going back to school for a masters degree, or a second Bachelors degree

Hi, I graduated a year ago with a bachelors in computer science, and have been working for the past year as a SWE. Can’t really complain about the job all too much, the pay was worth the stress of school and I’m glad I finally made it out.
I’ve been exploring where I should go with my career and I realized that I don’t wanna go into management or anything, and I don’t wanna just write code and build apps. I’ve been watching tutorials and doing small projects on my own to learn about electronics, circuits and other hardware and exploring the space industry (with the recent success of spaceX and blue origin) as well as robotics and other stuff.
My question is, should I apply for to grad school to continue in a similar subject like computer engineering, or even electrical engineering, or would getting another bachelors degree in say computer engineering be better?
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2021.10.16 02:05 Gniwu Ludwig van Bishounen (5f06857ec0821c1210d2389f050a)

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2021.10.16 02:05 Porkysays Bitcoin 62,000!!!

There is a way. There is all kinds of. I mean, this is it , man.
YOU thought it was over, alas, it is ONLY the beginning of the beginning of the rally face. You all got that now? It's the very beginning, of the beginning. Which means, the real rally to 300-600k Bitcoin within the next 2 months has just begun. Like it is going right now. Mortgage you home. Take out loans, and pump it up. We are the winners. The very nearly newst possible wealthy luhleet. Now, I know what you are thinking, Actually I have no idea what you are thinking., I know all things, sep not that exactly. I don;t know everything. Just mostly all things., Nearly. Nearly all things. Like at least half of em. Or some. Some of all things are the things I know about. Mostly. I mostly know most things. At least. Bro? Serious. I know some stuff. Or I did. Oh you mean NOW>? uh. Well, I really don't know anything. I used to. Used to bro. So ah, SEL SEL SELL SELLL SELL! No don't! Don't sell, I meant buy! BUY UBUY!!! Buy now. But seriously, buy XRP. I have all my money in XRP. Not.
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2021.10.16 02:05 Gabriel38 Found this on facebook

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2021.10.16 02:05 DoctorWhosOnFirst 5 star Alabama RB commit Emmanuel Henderson thriving as a senior, earns All-Star invite

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2021.10.16 02:05 Dilly29 BEP or ERC

Hey shibs, I wanna stake my shib bought on binance to shiba swap. Which protocol do I use to send to my trust wallet?
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2021.10.16 02:05 im-not-a-crack-pot Hello I'm 18 and NB and I made a PowerPoint about myself in the hopes of getting a friend

I hope to see get back from you soon! 🙏
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2021.10.16 02:05 Euphoric_Forest Free covid-19 rapid test kits available to all Saskatchewan reside to starting October 18th

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2021.10.16 02:05 akk6793 New Music 🎶🎶 Video "TXDO NXRMAL"

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2021.10.16 02:05 FinishF4ever Anyone here take breaks during cycles? Or 1 cycle a year? Or cycle on cycle off? Is this damaging to the body? Does TRT have to be a full life commitment?

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2021.10.16 02:05 Wayward_Prometheus Video: Scott Coker previews Bellator 268, reacts to BKFC tragedy, gives Michael Page update, more

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2021.10.16 02:05 Ok_Fox_1770 JMF Jedi sauce 1st go small batch started chillin.

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2021.10.16 02:05 Xojithebear Wtb norm rush (plus nm, hell?) - forge and pgems

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2021.10.16 02:05 Stupid15yoSlut i wanna go out for a walk but its too cold and dark and wet mannn

its only 10:35am ish too. bruh. wtf
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2021.10.16 02:05 skyisadumbdumb Twitch

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2021.10.16 02:05 TurnoverUnhappy6122 JOIN QUICK

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2021.10.16 02:05 Boxingcactus27 Amanda Holliday Shop

I’m kinda new to destiny, I’ve been playing for three weeks now and I’ve been told that items in shops switch every Tuesday. Why is it that I’ve had the same items in Amanda’s shop and it’s never changed. Does her shop stay the same?
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