On Hair Dye

2021.10.16 00:50 arsio-espresso On Hair Dye

I've seen that hair dye policies have been updated for a few years now but is red and bright colors allowed in dlsu still? :<
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2021.10.16 00:50 1avahomg new song out now, feedback appreciated <3

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2021.10.16 00:50 TemporaryAd19 I went to the orthodontist and they said I could choose whether I wanted to extract 4 of my teeth (the teeth behind the canines) to pull the top back back or just use Invisalign to pull it back. I'm really unsure about what to choose, but my goal is to decrease my mouth protrusion.

I went to the orthodontist and they said I could choose whether I wanted to extract 4 of my teeth (the teeth behind the canines) to pull the top back back or just use Invisalign to pull it back. I'm really unsure about what to choose, but my goal is to decrease my mouth protrusion. submitted by TemporaryAd19 to orthotropics [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 00:50 ermera Reliability of this test ?

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2021.10.16 00:50 DREW-TANgg 1995-96 Stadium Club Warp Speed

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2021.10.16 00:50 SnooChickens4370 Rude Walgreens cashier (rant)

So there is a particular cashier at my Walgreens that *always* seems to be on the register when I go. I'll call her J. Every time I interact with her, she's either rude, dismissive, or doesn't care to interact at all. I make a point to always be incredibly nice and do my best not to step on anyone's toes, I know that there are some people that make buying Squish a nightmare for the employees and I do not want to contribute to that in any way.
About 2 weeks ago I went in and they had just finished stocking a bunch of holiday squish (Brooke, Carol, etc) and I was so excited because I can never seem to catch the initial stock! I was on my phone texting my boyfriend and friend who also collect to figure out who I was going to grab. J and the other cashier up front were making fun of me for it. As in "oh look, she's calling her friends to find out what to get" but in a super snarky way. A third person yelled across the store that there was a 2 squish limit -- which I personally appreciate so that one person can't clear the entire shelf. I tried politely engaging with J while I was checking out - I mentioned that I was grateful for the limit put in place - and she just gave monosyllabic responses and didn't care to engage at all.
Today, my boyfriend texted me and they had Zozo and some new holiday squish so I booked it across the street. There was no sign anywhere about a limit, and there were a total of 4 I wanted (I FOUND OTTO!) so I grabbed them and went to the register. First thing out of J's mouth: "There's a limit of two squishmallows" but in less of an informative tone, and more of a derisive tone. I had an out loud sad moment, which was my own fault, and narrowed it down to Zozo and Otto. I asked if she wanted me to put the two others back on the shelf for her, and she audibly sighed and said no, then just kind of slid them across the counter and down below. However, when my boyfriend comes out, he has 3 squish, because the other cashier decided not to count Otto as a squish because it was so small. So I went back in, grabbed Luna, and asked to do the same thing. Of course, the cashier he had checked out with was gone, and it was just J up front. I asked her and she said no, there's a 2 limit, but again in a way that was less informative than exasperated. I think I broke a little, because I pushed and said that this literally just happened, I'm not shelf clearing, and it's just for my own personal collection. She argued a bit and then just let me buy Luna.
I feel bad, because I know in this situation I pushed and they had a (undefined? not posted anywhere? unclear?) limit and she just works there. She has to put up with people daily, often people who are rude. I get that customer service can be exhausting - I was a pharmacy tech for years - and sometimes your annoyance shows through because it's just been that bad all day. But at the same time, given all her past rudeness (every dang time!) and my (usual) politeness I was done. And it's not just me -- my boyfriend agrees that everything she did was incredibly rude and he has had interactions with her in the past as well where she just dismisses him or has been rude.
I guess I just needed to rant, I was legit SO excited to find the squish and her interaction just colored it really negatively for me.
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2021.10.16 00:50 Puzzled_Foundation_1 Anyone else feeling the staffing shortage?

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2021.10.16 00:50 Tiffany-Sketches Wildlife Study

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2021.10.16 00:50 RaccoonRodeoThrow Should the Cyrillic alphabet be renamed the Reformed Bulgarian Alphabet?

Most alphabets are names after a society or group of people (Latin for Romans, Greek for Greeks) but the Cyrillic is named after not even the dude who made it, but the guy who made the older one that was reformed into the modern Cyrillic. Should it be renamed?
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2021.10.16 00:50 MikeShaughnessy Ecosocialist Alliance for COP26 - Demonstration Details

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2021.10.16 00:50 ULoophant There is nothing more to know beyond your own existence! Beautiful excerpt from one of John Wheeler’s books.

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2021.10.16 00:50 DeliMeat69_ Found this on the tag of a shirt I recently bought

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2021.10.16 00:50 Dry-Definition7758 Weather boosted girantina

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2021.10.16 00:50 student1137 Hi all, right I’ll get right to the point. I’ve lost everything in my life recently and I just want to end it. Please no help. I am looking for advice on the quickest and most painless way.

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2021.10.16 00:50 Barconavagante https://t.me/joinchat/CD3NoLiWl1JjMDUx

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2021.10.16 00:50 hamsa935 FedEx MD-11 at TPA

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2021.10.16 00:50 stocktonsmemes High as hell eating tacos

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2021.10.16 00:50 Carnivorous_Mower Ice Nine Kills - Take Your Pick (ft. Corpsegrinder)

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2021.10.16 00:50 FolksyPopcorn Coinlist is also not letting me trade NUCYPHER.

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2021.10.16 00:50 AmericanQue The Notorious, Acrylic, Me, 2020

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2021.10.16 00:50 jasont67 23 [m4a] looking for friends

Looking for people to chat with. Message me your age and snap.
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2021.10.16 00:50 joanneroadie Smiling ginger 😘

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2021.10.16 00:50 Jobeen123 I switched from camping to aggressive style and ...

And I lost almost every fight in BR. I got from 8000 points legendary to 7500 points. I have been playing this game for 1.5 years and I suck.
Now I am back to camping and trap master.
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2021.10.16 00:50 Viper592 World's smallest "aircraft carrier"

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2021.10.16 00:50 comte994 Deleuze's notion of time

Can someone help me with Deleuze's notion of time, please? I'm currently reading difference and repetition, the first chapter was fine, I sort of get it, but the chapter on repetition is really sending me reeling. I think I will read the whole chapter first but for now, was he giving an account of time from the perspective of consciousness (or as a construction of consciousness) and consciousness alone? Or is it an account of "Objective time"? From my reading, it seems he's saying only the present exists, past and future are virtualities that are brought or pulled back into the present, or contraction, as he would put it, and present is a modification undergoing - and its awareness and focus are placed onto the act of contemplation (everything in the body contemplate to put "Present" or being into being). Either way, I don't know how to describe it but unnecessarily convoluted and counterintuitive and I don't really see a good reason for that yet (i.e. What exactly was he responding to that necessitates this schema). Or maybe I'm just tripping over the expressions of his concepts.
Or rather, I can see the use for it but I don't understand how does Deleuze intends to square this against the explanative power of common sense understanding of time (like if we are doing away with arrow of time: direction and unity then. What? Unity, sure. Unity can be done away with, I can imagine how that would work, but direction? And what about its applicability to history or objects, or space?)
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