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Gorka alternative

2022.01.28 06:01 OverEdge2045 Gorka alternative

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2022.01.28 06:01 Confident-Low923 Redi illei needa

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2022.01.28 06:01 m00nbum Mario Badescu: 50% Off Holiday Gift Set + Extra 25% Off Code: NEWBIE25 │Must sign in or create an account to apply this promo code

Prices is after the 25% off code
$7.50 (Reg. $20) 4-Pc Winter Glow Essentials
$7.50 (Reg. $20) 4-Pc The Mini Mist Collection
$12.75 (Reg. $34) 5-Pc Cleanse & Hydrate Collection
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2022.01.28 06:01 mojo604 Found in Russia, help me out here

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2022.01.28 06:01 Senior-Bill2622 Realistic thoughts on Box office run

I’m pretty sure this has been talked about, but since we are just a month away from the release I’ve been thinking about it a lot. There’s no big competition obviously. However it is yet another reboot, the runtime might be too long for the casual audience. I’m holding out hope for a massive run that crosses 1 billion$, but my gut feeling is that might finish up with 750-850 million$. I’m not from the U.S. so I don’t know the level of hype from the casual moviegoers. Give me your thoughts
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2022.01.28 06:01 Mundane_Fly_892 Want to give and Receive gifts

From New Zealand, want to get xp so sending gifts 4043 3874 5782 add me
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2022.01.28 06:01 dingleberry-38 Forward FX forecasts

Anyone have a website (free) that they use or recommend for forward looking fx forecasts ?
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2022.01.28 06:01 JacksABot Us Trio Reddit Servers Keep going Down?

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2022.01.28 06:01 HhiqOskar MLG Lake

Processing img lob6ioqx8ee81...
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2022.01.28 06:01 paymeinapples [IWantOut] 30M OlympiaWA -> anywhere

Things I dislike about this town:

Things I desire in a new location:
I hope I am not being unreasonable and there is a place out there that matches some of the bullet points above. I am open to suggestions both domestically and internationally. I'm an ESL teacher by profession, but I may be willing to try something new or start a new career at the ripe age of 30.
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2022.01.28 06:01 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.28 06:01 Glad_Ad_8504 What is the. ?

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2022.01.28 06:01 Glad_Ad_8504 What is the. ?

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2022.01.28 06:01 ArabGuy Questions about resignation

Does the bank lock your current account when you send your resignation to HR ? if so when does that happen? straight after you submit the resignation or on the last day of visa cancelation?
Also ,how long am I allowed to stay in the country after my visa get cancelled ? I heard 30 days is that correct ?
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2022.01.28 06:01 dragonfist897 I FUCKING CALLED IT!!!

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2022.01.28 06:01 BeBo8514 Il Gladiatore - Massimo Decimo Salvini

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2022.01.28 06:01 Psychological-Good87 The moment you feel like you made it and the rest is just all apart of the adventure.

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2022.01.28 06:01 PIXtheWORLD THE POLAR BEAR

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2022.01.28 06:01 Aggravating_Ad_3858 《AUTOPOIESIS MAZE》 Guide - Ranking Rewards, Route/Option Choices & Maps/Stages Guides - PGR Global

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2022.01.28 06:01 heywhatsup3399 How is my v line?

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2022.01.28 06:01 Shoddy_Ant_91 Como convencer meu marido a fazer sexo a 3

Já faz um tempinho que tento convencer meu marido a fazer sexo a 3 , disse que toparia fazer com mais uma mulher ( inclusive esse é meu maior fetiche). Porém ele disse que se fizermos uma vez , vamos acostumar e isso não será bom . Será que tem algo que eu possa fazer para convencer ele a topar ?
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2022.01.28 06:01 justvibration Smug stockfish analyses steinitz's immortal !!

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2022.01.28 06:01 Far-Investigator257 Dell G7 liquid metal

My Bro is needing a new Gaming Laptop and he found a Dell g7 7700 RTX 2070 for $1000 aud on ebay and he is a hardcore warzone, apex and most other br grinder so he needs a device which can handle long gaming sessions. Now he and I know about the horrendous Thermal issues in the 7700 but since i work in a computer repair shop and have liquid metaled probably 100 laptops with no issues he wants me to liquid metal it if he does end up getting it. im am asking if there are any people who have liquid metaled a dell g7 before to give me some info about if it drops temps by a lot, Clocks are stable at full Boost, and no Throttling. The reason why he is even considering this laptop is because it is being sold for a good price and if it can be liquid metaled with good performance and thermals it would be a terrific value for money. Or maybe he should just spend a bit more on a well performing laptop out of the box like Hp Omen Dell G15 ect..
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2022.01.28 06:01 flearuns Plugin for inertia vue: Show placeholder while loading page

I created a quick and dirty solution for slow routing in inertia. Instead of (or additionally to) the progressbar you can show predefined components while inertia loads the page.
You can define a component name and a timeout in the links attributes, so the loading component only shows if the request is slow. internally it uses the Inertia.swapComponent function so you need to provide the layout if you want to create this kind of skeleton loading effect.
Bugs are possible, feedback is appreciated.
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2022.01.28 06:01 Zeldamooch556 A new foe has appeared

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