[Business] - Where Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Going? | NY Times

In November of 2021, the New York Times released an article detailing the final days of Epstein, and included information about Shuliak, who was reportedly one of the last people to speak to him alive.. Epstein reportedly paid for Shuliak to attend dental school. She was Epstein's last phone call, although at the time he told prison guards he was calling his mother. A close study of the contacts in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book and the flight logs for his private jet reveals a damning portrait of elite New York. Epstein’s residence on the island is a stone mansion with cream-colored walls and a turquoise roof. Before he ( kind 0f ) went to prison, Epstein commissioned a renovation of Little St. James. Jeffrey Epstein accusers who took money from a compensation fund set up by his estate can't sue Ghislaine Maxwell. A release form obtained by Insider shows Epstein's associates are protected from ... Jeffrey Edward Epstein (/ ˈ ɛ p s t iː n / EP-steen; January 20, 1953 – August 10, 2019) was an American financier and convicted sex offender. Epstein, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, began his professional life by teaching at the Dalton School in Manhattan, despite lacking a college degree.After his dismissal from the school, he entered the banking and finance sector ... KARYNA Shuliak, a woman in her thirties from Belarus, was reportedly Jeffrey Epstein’s last girlfriend before he died. The two were said to have known each other since 2010. Who is Karyna Shu… Ms. Groff, Mr. Epstein’s executive assistant for almost 20 years, was one of the possible co-conspirators named in the 2008 plea deal Mr. Epstein’s lawyers worked out with the United States ... An FBI agent testified at Ghislaine Maxwell's trial about a July 2019 search of Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan home. She said agents sawed open a safe and found diamonds, jewelry, CDs, and hard ... Epstein's accusers could seek compensation without the messiness of a public lawsuit. Epstein's longtime attorneys Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, who'd been busy trying to liquidate Epstein's vast estate while fending off the attorney general in the US Virgin Islands , could resolve the claims more quickly outside the court system. Click the highlighted text for more. Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book is one of the most cursed documents ever compiled in this miserable, dying country. Totaling 97 pages and containing the ...

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2022.01.28 05:18 OurProgressive Not all heroes wear capes https://t.co/i8XgHwYsKi

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2022.01.28 05:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - For Olympic Sponsors, ‘China Is an Exception’ | NY Times

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2022.01.28 05:18 Suspicious_Thanks420 Bullish AF

Sorry but if you guys could wait until Monday premarket to takeoff that would be fantastic. Schwab will not let me access my funds for OTC’S, Penny stocks, or Options for three days!!! I can use it on blue chips or any other things that are not mentioned above. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 hopefully I can add as many as possible by the prices not being to high! Trying to add 10k min. See everyone Monday premarket, and then on the rocket 🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2022.01.28 05:18 whiskey_owl Which streaming service delivers the best product?

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2022.01.28 05:18 OurProgressive A Hard-Right Republican And A Progressive Debated. It Went As Well As You'd Expect. Josh Mandel and Morgan Harper, running for Senate from opposite ends of the political spectrum, debated in Columbus. A moment for consensus it was not. https://t.co/f1oIC8H9FC https://t.co/WqXu8WeYWf

A Hard-Right Republican And A Progressive Debated. It Went As Well As You'd Expect. Josh Mandel and Morgan Harper, running for Senate from opposite ends of the political spectrum, debated in Columbus. A moment for consensus it was not. https://t.co/f1oIC8H9FC https://t.co/WqXu8WeYWf submitted by OurProgressive to ProgressivePower [link] [comments]

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2022.01.28 05:18 WelshWolfie Would a painkiller reduce pain....

But not in the way you might think, I'm just curious, if I had a painkiller (like Nurofen, some paracetamol, some headache tablets or whatever) would that decrease the pain I would receive? Such as getting scratched, hit or whatever? I only ask this as when I had a vaccine, my first one, the jab didn't hurt, I felt it, but it wasn't painful, but I had a headache tablet before going since I had a headache before driving off, then when I eventually got my second jab, same place, same type of conditions, heat, weather etc... It seemed to hurt a little more, again, not painful, but it felt more than my first vaccine, so if I had to get a booster, some other flu jab or whatever, if I take a painkiller beforehand even without having any aches, would that reduce the "pain" from a needle? Literally curious more than anything
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Publisher: In The Cause
Out Date: 2022-01-26
Quality: MP3 9.26 Mb / AIFF 40.69 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Electric Pill - Dark Nights / (Key Em, BPM 126, Length 3:51)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=532018
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2022.01.28 05:18 iggyqut Conformal coating and Caddx Vista

So I'm thinking of conformal coating one of my quads for the first time. The process looks pretty straight forward, when it comes to the FC and ESC, but what about the Caddx Vista? The way it's built, it seems prety difficult to do, considering it is covered by cooling plates and has a connector inbetwean the two boards etc. Do most people skip comformal coating this part or does anyone have some good tips and tricks for it?
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2022.01.28 05:18 GroundLeast7228 Should I get Enchanted Burst for a 2hs Enchant sword build?

If so should I get conversion as well or nah?
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2022.01.28 05:18 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️FREE 1x Mini Ape 🦧 NFT + 5x WL Spots 💵 UPVOTE ⬆️ + drop your address 🔥Check comments section 👇

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Add me
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2022.01.28 05:18 Secure_Landscape_505 How to get through to someone who only contributes if asked or reminded?

I am trying to understand an issue my brother (20) has so that I can come to a productive solution before I blow a gasket. He lives with my mom, and I visit for a few weeks or months at a time when I’m off school for holidays (or COVID closures).
Every time I come home with fresh eyes, there is this glaring dynamic in the household: my brother will not lift a finger to contribute in any way unless he is asked. Once he’s asked, it will get done, although often half-assed or after procrastinating, and he may need a reminder or two. When you sit him down and explain to him the issue—that his behaviour is unfair and that he needs to contribute as much as the other members of the household—it’s as if only through our explanation does he see the issue clearly and express a clear understanding of how to address it. It’s as if the idea is novel to him; he wasn’t doing his part only because it hadn’t occurred to him, but that now he understands. But then nothing changes.
I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s almost like when you explain a math concept to a kid, and they truly seem to understand it, but the next time they sit down for homework you have to explain it to them again. My brother is not a child, and is in fact intelligent and charming in many ways, but he seems incapable of changing his way of thinking such that he considers his responsibilities in the actions and choices he makes. And, for context, this pattern of thinking seems to be reflected in other aspects of his life—his decisions tend to be made in the spur of the moment, with little consideration given to their future ramifications because they simply don’t cross his mind. I almost feel like he needs a cheat card similar to people with amnesia, like a checklist he can read to himself before he chooses courses of action.
For instance, it might be his turn to walk the dogs. He has no plans for the day, so he procrastinates until noon. At that point, his friend invites him for lunch, and he’ll leave with the intention of walking the dogs later, but then his friend suggests futher plans for the evening, and the dogs never get walked. This would be a normal, occasional explanation for most people, but with him it‘s a constant pattern. Forgetfulness, lack of foresight, uncontrollable circumstances, he always has a reason that in isolation is fair, but the ultimate result is he never contributes.
On some level, my mom is part of the problem. She gets hung up on his intentions, and has trouble disciplining him because he is not deliberately being selfish and lazy, he just lacks the ability to think about responsibility the way most adults do. This frustrates me to no end, because as far I’m concerned my brother would learn to act like an adult if the stakes were high enough. But, then again, most people don’t need harsh treatment just to understand the importance of boundaries, responsibilities, and other related social dynamics—it’s just intuitive. For my brother, it isn’t.
Anyways, I’m at a loss. I want my mother to have a healthier relationship with the person she lives with. For my brother‘s sake in his future relationships, I want him to overcome this. Any advice?
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2022.01.28 05:18 reiner26 1992 senate election results, magic top 24.

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2022.01.28 05:18 Oggy20 Finding Officers with Engineering Knowledge and Meeting with Admiral

Eric was dedicated to finish the task on his hand. That engineer wanted to have 3 to 6 aides, right? Eric called William to his office;

"William, General Makarov is on the war path against us. What we need to do is finish our project for Sordish Eclipse as soon as possible. Also i need you to send a message via telegraph to Admiral Schar and inform him that i'll be coming to meet with him for development of new Guided Munitions for Air Force which will be used to support Navy too. Also tell him that we are thinking about building these munitions on Tusk's factories or any other industrial place which Admiral Schar offers. Also inform him that we'll discuss about a new plan on the making, called Sordish Eclipse which will also include strikes against hostile naval power from the get go."

William's eyes widened;
"Eric, what have you done?"

Eric looked right at William's eyes and responded;
"I did what was necessary, my friend. I retaliated. Makarov talked with General Inal. I have no idea what they talked but i am not stupid. We can't expect much support from General Inal from now on. So make sure that message will reach to Admiral. Also find me your most trusted pilots and maintenance crews which have engineering education."

William nodded, just before he left Eric's office, Eric called out to him;
"Also tell them to ready one of the choppers now."

William left the office with about 10 men with him. Pilots and maintenance crews. They saluted after entering Eric's office. He said;

"Gentleman. I am aware William trusts you, so i do too. What i am about to ask is strictly confidential and will remain a secret. Only some members of General Staff are aware of this but not all. We are developing guided munitions for our Air Force with help from a foreign engineer. I can't tell his name because it's strictly forbidden and you won't also ask his name while you are working with him."

"But i can't order you for this kind of task. I need to ask for volunteers."

As Eric said volunteers, all 10 men stepped forward.

"Great." said Eric. "I only need 6 men from you. Four maintenance crew members and two pilots, one bomber and one fighter pilot."
One of the pilots started talking;
"Sir, i am from 1st Tactical Bomber wing and served under your command during the bombing of the very base we are inside right now. It's an honor to serve for you and for Sordland again." He saluted after finishing his sentence.
Other pilot continued;
"Sir, i am from 173rd FighteRecon Squadron. I also have experience in bombing missions and served with you both in the bombing of this base and during the dogfight over outskirts of Holsord, sir. You saved my life by shooting down the Vaerhmist on my back. I am ready for tasking from you, sir." He also saluted.
When they finished their sentences, one of the maintenance crews stood up;
"Sir, i've been maintaining planes and attaching bomb loads under them for more than a decade now. Me and three of my men will be glad to help the engineer with our knowledge, sir." when he finished his sentence, he and 3 of his man saluted.

Eric was more than happy to see this. He saluted back.
Eric told the adress to William without writing it down to leave no proof of the adress and said;
"You will go to this adress, gentleman. Tell the guards that you are there with authority from the Ministry of Interior Eric Hill. Guards are already informed that engineer can talk with anyone he wants."

Eric grabbed one of hes pens that's not magically broken and wrote;
Those are the men you must work with for the development of the weapons. I thank you again and look forward for the updates from weapons.

Minister of Interior Eric Hill

Eric gave the note to William and said
"Give this note to the engineer. He'll understand who are you instantly. Also, i need you to remove warheads from 3 of our bombs. They will be retrofitted with new guidence kits. Take those bombs with you without their warheads to the engineer."

Eric said;
"Thank you for your service, gentleman. Your work starts now. William will lead you to the place."

They all saluted again and left the office except William. He asked,
"What will you do, Eric?"

Eric sighed and replied;
"I'll head to Conriat with a chopper now to Naval Headquarters to speak with the Admiral."
William left the office after saluting. Eric left few minutes after him with the files about the Sordish Eclipse. He was heading towards a chopper which was prepared for him...
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2022.01.28 05:18 casteliaconeibi I can’t believe people are going to watch Fox News and assume everyone in our group is just like that person

It’s seriously annoying, I can’t believe that typical tran (all trans are just like her) made everyone in the anti work sub look bad. Why does the world have to judge many by the actions of the few!? Trannies ruin everything.
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